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Coming to the lake for the day?  Several marinas offer the perfect combination of a boat launching ramp, picnic area, convenience store, gas pumps, restrooms and other amenities for your boating visit. Some offer boat rentals as well.  All are a short boat ride to popular boat-gathering areas and other recreational hot spots on the lake. See the locations below for more information. 

>Anna Point Marina

>Dukes Creek Marina

>High Point Marina

>Hunter's Landing Store and Marina

>Sturgeon Creek Marina



There a several places on the lake where boaters congregate for an afternoon of swimming, sunning, and socialization.  Three of the more popular locations are the State Park Cove, The Islands, and The Sandbar.  These locations offer natural barriers from the boat traffic and waves, with plenty of room to anchor and tie-up with other boats.

>Map of The Islands

>Map of The Sandbar

>Map of the State Park Cove



Do you know what all of the new laws are for operating boats?  Do you know how to save money on boat gas with the boater's fuel tax refund?  Need to renew your boat registration?  Find this information and more.

>Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF)

>PWC Safety School - accepted by VDGIF as meeting the basic requirements to obtain a PWC/boating safety education certificate.

>Lake Anna Coast Guard Auxiliary - boaters safety classes, free boat inspections  (download support request form)



When you can't get out on the water, at least enjoy the pictures from Lake Anna's best boating days.

07/05/08 - 8th Annual Lake Anna Boat Parade

03/15/08 -Spring boat ride

11/23/07 - Thanksgiving Fall Tour

10/14/07 - Fall colors

07/22/07 - Jet Ski Races, Part 1

07/22/07 - Jet Ski Races, Part 2

06/30/07 - Fourth of July boat parade

05/27/07 - First weekend of Summer boating

05/26/07 - Key West Band performs at Lake Anna Beach Marina

05/12/07 - Boating Afternoon

04/30/07 - Hot April Day

03/09/07 - Chantilly Boat Show

02/17/07 - Richmond Boat Show

01/06/07 - January boating on a 73 degree day

12/10/06 - December boating

11/24/06 - Thanksgiving holiday weekend on the lake

10/14/06 - Fall colors at Lake Anna

07/30/06 - Hydroplane action on Lake Anna

07/04/06 - Fourth of July lake fun

07/01/06 - Fourth of July boat parade

05/28/06 - A great weekend for boating

05/13/06 - In-Water Boat Show

04/02/06 - Boating season begins!

02/19/06 - Richmond Boat Show

02/04/06 - Fredericksburg Boat Show

10/30/05 - Fall at Lake Anna

07/02/05 - Fourth of July boat parade

06/26/05 - Summer fun on the lake

05/29/05 - Boating activity on Memorial Day weekend

03/19/05 - In-Water Boat Show: Southern Ski Boats

03/12/05 - 2005 National Capital Boat Show

02/19/05 - Richmond Boat Show

11/28/04 - Thanksgiving boaters

10/02/04 - In-Water Boat Show: Dukes Creek Marina and North Atlantic Marine Group

10/02/04 - In-Water Boat Show: Gramps Boardshop and Southern Ski Boats

09/05/04 - Labor Day weekend boating

08/08/04 - A great weekend for boating

07/03/04 - 4th of July boat parade

06/20/04 - Summer time raft-up

05/29/04 - Saturday at the State Park Cove

05/23/04 - "Professional PWC driver on a closed course"

04/18/04 - Great boating weather

03/20/04 - Signs of spring at the lake

03/11/04 - National Capital Boat Show

03/06/04 - Surf's up at Lake Anna

03/06/04 - Boat traffic picking up at the lake

02/21/04 - Richmond Boat Show

12/24/03 - 2003 photo album: Wakeboard boats on Lake Anna

11/02/03 - 84...does it get any nicer in November?

09/06/03 - Drive around the lake

07/12/03 - Have you seen these planes?

07/12/03 - The "Sandbar"

07/04/03 - 4th of July boat parade




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